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beeswax, paper, pigment on board

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Circa Vitae

Kamla Kakaria
(206) 300-2526

MFA Printmaking                                University of Washington        2000

BFA Painting                                       University of Massachusetts    1990   


2013    La Influencia, SCCC, M Rosetta Hunter Gallery, Seattle

            Palimpsests 2, Convention Center Gallery, Seattle

            Strange Flower, Shift Gallery, Seattle

2012    Festivals, Shift Gallery, Seattle

            Traditions, SCCC Gallery, Seattle

            Festivals, SAAM, Seattle

2011    In Between, Shift Gallery, Seattle

            Abstraction, Seattle Design Center

            New Work, NW Encaustic, Seattle

2010    White Pieces, Up Front Gallery, artsEAST, Issaquah, WA

            New Work NSCC Gallery, Seattle

            New Work NW Encaustic Studio, Seattle

            Multiples, Shift Studio, Seattle

            New Work, Ballard Artworks, Seattle

2009    Call and Response, Shift Studio, Seattle

            Wire We Here, Museo, Whidbey Island, WA

            Texas Twang, G Studios, Houston, TX

            4 Culture Public Art Program, Collins, Seattle

2008    New Members Show, Shift Gallery, Seattle, WA

            Print Instructors Show KAC Performing Arts Center, Kirkland, WA

            Encausticated McLeod Residency, Seattle, WA

2007    Affinities: Space & Structure, Ballard Works, Seattle

            Filter, KAC Gallery, Kirkland, WA

            4x Abtraction, Art Patch, Seattle

2006    4 Culture Public Art Program, Collins, Seattle

color/texture, Designers Gallery, Tualitin, OR,

            Rotations, Virginia’s CafĂ©, Seattle

2005    SPA at COCA, Seattle

New Works, Virginia’s, Seattle

Ink and Paper, G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle

Seattle Print Arts: Exhibit in Shenzen, China

Selected Works, Pratt Instructors Show, Rainier Club, Seattle

2004    New Work, Kirkland Performance Arts Center, Kirkland, WA

Six in the City, Solomon Gallery, Seattle

Six in the City, SAM Gallery, Seattle

Kirkland Instructor’s Show, KAC Gallery, Kirkland, WA

 2003    Works on Paper, Solo show, Gallery Occidental, Seattle                     

            Edwin T. Pratt Memorial Exhibition, Odessa Brown, Seattle

North Meets South:Contemporary Print Art,Instituto de ArtesGraficas de            Oaxaca, Mexico

2002    Seattle Prints, Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR        

            Goddesses VI, Jeffrey Moose Gallery, Seattle           

            Pratt Instructor’s Exhibit, Phinney Art Center, Seattle                 

            Print It: The Art of Printmaking, Confluence Gallery Twisp, WA          

2001    SCCD Art Faculty Exhibit, SSCC Gallery, Seattle                                  

             Phinney and Friends, Phinney Art Center, Seattle                           

2000    Shadows and Reflections, Norton Building, Seattle                             

            Ditto, SAM Gallery, Seattle

            Artists Making Prints, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Seattle                          

MFA Show, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle           

Pacific Northwest Annual, Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA                         

            Kirkland Printmaking Exhibition, Kirkland Arts Center, Kirkland


Edge Grant, Artists Trust                                            Summer 2004

Pilchuck Glass School Artist in Residence                  Spring 2004

Women Studio Workshop Fellowship                         Fall 2001

Teaching Assistant (solo) “Concepts in Printmaking”       Winter, Spring, Fall, 1999

Graduate School of Art Scholarship                            1998-1999       1999-2000

Gonzales Grant                                                           1998-1999       1999-2000

Minority Graduate Council                                          1999-2000


Mary Gates School of Social Work                  U.W., Seattle,WA

Electrical Engineering Dept.                           U.W., Seattle,WA

Dean of Arts and Sciences                              U. W., Seattle,WA

Safeco Corporation                                          Seattle,WA

Reed College Special Collections                    Portland, OR

University of WA Special Collections             U.W., Seattle,WA

Vulcan Incorporated                                        Seattle,WA

The Seattle Times;  Mixed media, Mixed cultures, Parallel themes, Gayle Clemans  8/31/2007

Maximalist, Tessa Papa, Vance Hotel Associates, 2005

North Meets South, “Seattle/Oaxaca”, Arte Grafica Contenporanea, February 2003






Inbetween Show at Shift: Books

Sunday, November 2, 2008

newest artist statement

Raised in an immigrant household our home was crowded with crafts from India. From batiks to miniatures to sculptures, walls and shelves were full. These visual artifacts helped me understand the culture we came from. Patterns and colors surrounded me and formed my visual vocabulary.

I use beeswax in my work for it's luminosity and depth and in contrast I use spray paint through stencils to create flat patterns. The letter stencils I am using serve as formal elements. They also refer to communication or language which is not always readable similar to the culture of my parents that is not always understandable to me

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